ActivitySourceClass abstraction for Activity verb source
ActivitySourceClass abstraction of an Activity’s source


Class abstraction for Activity verb source


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An activity verb in class form, and the related scaffolding.

This file also now consolidates the ActivityContext, ActivityImporter, ActivityMover, ActivitySink, and ActivitySource classes, formerly at /lib/<class>.php

  • Activity abstracts the class for an activity verb.
  • ActivityContext contains information of the context of the activity verb.
  • ActivityImporter abstracts a means that is importing activity verbs into the system as part of a user’s timeline.
  • ActivityMover abstracts the means to transport activity verbs.
  • ActivitySink abstracts a class to receive activity verbs.
  • ActivitySource abstracts a class to represent the source of a received activity verb.

ActivityObject is a noun in the activity universe basically, from the original file: A noun-ish thing in the activity universe

The activity streams spec talks about activity objects, while also having a tag activity:object, which is in fact an activity object.  Aaaaaah!

This is just a thing in the activity universe.  Can be the subject, object, or indirect object (target!) of an activity verb.  Rotten name, and I’m propagating it.  sigh It’s large enough that I’ve left it seperate in activityobject.php

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Class abstraction of an Activity’s source


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