RSDReally Simple Discovery (RSD) for API access


Really Simple Discovery (RSD) for API access


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Really Simple Discovery (RSD) is a simple (to a fault, maybe) discovery tool for blog APIs.

Anil Dash suggested that RSD be used for services that implement the Twitter API:

It’s in use now for blogs

I ( have tried to stay faithful to the premise of RSD, while adding information useful to StatusNet client developers.

In particular

  • There is a link from each user’s profile page to their personal RSD feed.  A personal rsd.xml includes a ‘blogID’ element that is their username.
  • There is a link from the public root to ‘/rsd.xml’, a public RSD feed.  It’s identical to the personal rsd except it doesn’t include a blogId.
  • I’ve added a setting to the API to indicate that OAuth support is available.

PHP version

Tested with PHP 7.0

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